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At the same time publisher, agency and advertiser

The Cabinet CELESTECOM's ad network aims to commercialize the available advertising space and is the intermediary between the advertiser and the media or advertising space available. As such, in order to preserve the interests of both, we are available to negotiate the best rates to adapt to available budgets.

Linking Publishers with Online Advertisers

It is an online ad network dedicated to websites, social networks. Supports ranging from a website, to a social network through blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The objective of the Cabinet CELESTECOM advertising network is to market these spaces to advertisers who need to communicate on these media. Our activity is to sell, but mainly to organize the advertiser's media plan, collect statistics from the results of a campaign or even propose the creation of messages and their advertising media.

Our service operates in both types of advertising agencies

  1. An internal advertising agency: it depends directly on our online advertising and a group of advertising space for sale. These belong to the Cabinet CELESTECOM which ensures at the same time the marketing and promotion of our own advertising space.
  2. An external advertising agency: the Cabinet CELESTECOM markets advertising spaces that belong to third-party publisher sites such as google ads and all other types of advertising space available in all cities of Cameroon.

Native Advertising Development

Native Advertising integrates seamlessly with the mobile experience of many mobile users looking for content and entertainment online. The Cabinet CELESTECOM has understood the interest and opportunities of this innovative format.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM seeks to interest readers and viewers with content related to their research. And it is on this point that brands have every interest in investing in content marketing to recover qualified leads. In short, the native appeals to all stakeholders, Internet users who find a better integrated advertisement in their online experience and a less intrusive advertising format.

Thanks to Native Advertising, The Cabinet CELESTECOM can target a qualified audience with posted content when needed and promote less costly and better integrated advertising media to generate more revenue.

The online advertising of Cabinet CELESTECOM

The Cabinet CELESTECOM has created a bilingual advertising agency adapted to our social and economic context, which makes it possible to manage the banner advertising versions on the bilingual website. Which means that when you are on the French version of a Bilingual website, you see the French advertising banner and when you are on the English version, you see the banner advertising in English.

Here is a list of the features of the Advertising Agency in French and English of The Cabinet CELESTECOM:
  1. Supports GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF (Flash) banners
  2. SWF files with alternative image for mobile (iPhone and iPad)
  3. Unlimited number of posts
  4. Automatically rotate unlimited banners on each post
  5. Can deliver banners to external servers / sites
  6. Banner impressions can be limited by dates (from, to)
  7. The banner can be limited with a total number of clicks
  8. The banner can be limited with a total number of impressions
  9. The banner can be limited by a daily number of impressions
  10. Banners are grouped into customer-owned campaigns
  11. Campaign and banner statistics with graphics
  12. Clickthrough rate

The Cabinet CELESTECOM is advertising management network



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