Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps: native, web apps, hybrids, Flash.

The Mobile app is the cornerstone of any effective mobile strategy. The Cabinet CELESTECOM offers you its know-how and expertise in the field of custom mobile application design and development, to help you deploy an effective mobile marketing strategy.

The mobile application development market has evolved in a remarkable way, With tablets or smartphones, individuals are now addicted to the mobile internet and downloading paid and free mobile applications.

Mobile internet technology is increasing in use, this increase comes back from the mobility, fluidity and accessibility of this technology.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM proposes the implementation of mobile solutions and the development of Android applications iPhone and iPad. Our applications are designed internally and according to the requests and details of our customers who are autonomous with the content of their mobile applications for professionals and the general public.

We realize applications "General public" or "business" in particular:
  1. E-commerce application
  2. Online booking application
  3. Application job
  4. Order taking application
  5. News application (press, magazine ...)
  6. App of classified ads
  7. Utility / widget
  8. Thu
  9. Other
Whether it's for your sales people, employees, or a consumer audience, the steps for creating a mobile app are:
  1. Do an audit: (activities and objectives), what competition, how to stand out (added value)...
  2. Understand the uses and habits of the targeted target: how often, what uses (mail, agenda, news consultation, games etc ...), on which platform?
  3. Define the objectives: present your company, offer a tool to your employees, improve your image, build loyalty, offer a new service (purchase via mobile, tracking packages etc ...), sell dematerialized content (informative, entertainment ...).
  4. Monetize a mobile application: When it is aimed at the general public, the question of monetization arises quickly! 3 options are available to you: sell the application via an app store (Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store ...), sell intangibles (games etc.), optional and paid services while maintaining access free to a basic version of the application with advertising, or monetize its access by subscription.



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