Our areas of intervention

Communication and Marketing

The globalization of economies to consequence a fiercer competition. No longer produce or offer services to satisfy an audience become more and more demanding. The Cabinet CELESTECOM through its marketing and communication Department took steps to offer you the services of Council, assistance, development, and implementation of the strategies of communication and marketing through the actions of the following:
  1. Development and implementation strategies of marketing, communication and information,
  2. Advice and assistance in communication and marketing,
  3. Media messages on a national and international delivery
  4. Promotion of new information technologies and the communication,
  5. Production of TV and radio, documentary and educational films, spots
  6. Participatory communication for development,
  7. Creation and organization of promotional events, POS,
  8. Animation workshop, marketing and strategic planning, follow-up evaluation of the actions of communication and facilitation of meetings on issues.
  9. Production and installation of advertising panels, posters, banners
  10. Realization of written materials (brochures, posters, brochures, newspapers, pads, calendars, newspapers, etc.),
  11. Training on various topics related to communication and marketing,
  12. Organization of workshops, seminars, forums, living room,.
  13. Promotion of socio-economic activities...

Local development

In a changing environment especially in this era of the decentralization process under way in our country, urban and rural development approaches not always responded to the expectations of the actors. It is to overcome its shortcomings and develop a different perception of the means of development the Cabinet The Cabinet CELESTECOM, through participatory approaches appropriate to each situation, carrying out actions to the satisfaction of its partners and local studies of the environment such as:
  1. Realization of participatory diagnostics,
  2. Development of strategy of development of activities generating of income in rural areas,
  3. Development of village development plans (POS),
  4. Establishment of Commissions village management Terroir (CVGT),
  5. Establishment of Commissions Inter village management soil (CIVGT),
  6. Establishment of local committees of the water (key),
  7. Implementation of the Wildlife Management Committee, water points, etc.,
  8. Development of local development strategies,
  9. Planning and management of projects (ZOPP, logical framework),
  10. Diagnosis of peasant organizations,
  11. Support for the creation and management of farmers ' organizations,
  12. Monitoring and evaluation of projects and program development,
  13. Design and construction in rural areas in socio-economic terms,
  14. Communication, educational, fight against HIV-AIDS, etc.


  1. Development of environmental management strategies and plans,
  2. Environmental impact study,
  3. Environmental Impact Notice,
  4. Prevention and management of conflicts over shared natural resources,
  5. Development of local development plans,
  6. improvement,
  7. Hydraulic studies,
  8. Energy studies
  9. Prevention of natural and man-made disasters,
  10. Establishment of wildlife management committees,
  11. Establishment of Forest Resources Management Committees,
  12. Inventory of animal and plant potential.



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