Our various services

The Cabinet CELESTECOM provides a varied range of services grouped as follows:

Communication strategies and programs

  1. Development of Plans / communication programs
  2. Development and implementation of communication strategies, advertising campaigns
  3. Development and / or Implementation of Marketing Strategies.

Website creation and hosting

  1. Creation of online sales and distribution website,
  2. Institutional website, showcase site, commercial site
  3. Domain Name Registration, Hosting
  4. SEO.

Application development

  1. Develop, implement and maintain applications,
  2. Ensure access to data in accordance with established security and accessibility standards,
  3. Configure and operate computer systems,
  4. Configure servers for application deployment
  5. Manage databases,
  6. Develop applications with access to databases,
  7. Integrate content into applications,
  8. Develop application interfaces,
  9. Develop multimedia components and integrate them into the application interface,
  10. Develop and integrate software components,
  11. Develop services and integrate them into applications.

Graphic creation

  1. Design and production of printed materials:
  2. diaries any format (desktop + Pocket)
  3. calendars - leaflets - flyers - giant posters - posters - institutional brochures.
  4. activity report - corporate journals - logotype

Newspaper ads

  1. Creation of visuals to be inserted in the press
  2. Inserting of leaflets, pamphlets, posters, newsletters, etc.
  3. Advertorials, advertising editorial
  4. Releases and classifieds.

Audiovisual production

  1. Design and production of teaching aids (photos, slides, image boxes, educational images, etc.)
  2. Design, production and diffusion of radio and television spots
  3. Production and distribution of TV and institutional documentary films


  1. Nominative and / or functional signage on doors, walls, etc.
  2. Indication signage (arrows)
  3. Animation easels and POS displays
  4. Illuminated signs, Totems.

Public relations / press and events

  1. Organization of mobilizing events (symposium, seminar, conference, meeting, workshops)
  2. Press Relations (press conference, press trip, press kits, etc.)
  3. Creation of events (open days, exhibitions, fairs, launch, inauguration).

Urban and other views

  1. Network of urban displays 4m x 3m (12m2) and 3m x 6m (18m2)
  2. Flanks of the buses
  3. Bus shelters,
  4. Realization of light panels
  5. Specific posters posters 40 x 60 cm, posters and flyers.

Advertising gifts

  1. Padprint for key chains, pens, clocks.
  2. Silkscreen or transfer for T-shirts, caps, tracksuits, jogging etc.
  3. Laserama or laser engraving of logos or messages on wood, leather, aluminum, glass indelibly.

Political and Public Communication

Given the explosion of communication related to the development of new media and the importance of public opinion in democracy, The Cabinet CELESTECOM aims to assist and accompany politicians in their ability to be heard and their ability to influence the debates of the day with good communication that is one that inspires confidence in the voters while managing to share the grids of analysis, rational and emotional arguments. Because the key word in politics is credibility.

With all the means of communication that The Cabinet CELESTECOM and able to put at the disposal of politicians, they will be able to succeed in imposing their grid of reading on the public opinion. Because societal and political issues have never been so important. Faced with an open and changing world, public institutions and politics must adapt. They must act, find solutions, but also communicate clearly.



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