Scanning and Archiving

Access information in a timely manner with an efficient system that saves you time and money.

Increase your capacity and productivity 

The Cabinet CELESTECOM's scanning services can help you improve your efficiency at every stage of the process.

All the options that the Cabinet CELESTECOM puts at your disposal to satisfy the needs of your company are:
  • Scanning at the end of the journey: the documents are scanned at the end of the client's operational process. This service is generally intended for the digital archiving of company records;
  • Scanning at the beginning of the process: documents are scanned upon receipt at the customer's premises and integrated into the appropriate business process through workflows;
  • In-process scanning: A document that must be signed to move to the next step in the process;
  • Electronic archiving: Documents or records are stored electronically, either in the format of an application or as an image in an electronic filing;
  • Scanning and archiving process: from receiving documents to archiving or destruction.

Electronic archiving

The Cabinet CELESTECOM's electronic archiving service ensures the safe preservation of your digital documents. The consultation of your files is achievable by a unique and intuitive web interface. It is optimized for a secure connection (HTTPS) from any Internet connected terminal. Access to your data is guaranteed for the duration of your documents for an optimal digital archiving service.

The range of digital archiving offered by the Cabinet CELESTECOM is composed of four solutions that adapt perfectly to all types of needs:
  • Secure Data Hosting: Offer available from our HTTPS Customer Center;
  • Electronic Document Management Software: Provides a range of software to simplify access to information, facilitate remote exchanges and optimize the management of business processes;
  • Communicating electronic safe: Data storage offer meeting the technical and legal requirements of your documents. Option with probative value to secure your contractual documents;
  • Communicating Electronic Safe HAHD (Hosted Authorized Health Data): Unique offer of health data storage meeting the needs of medical institutions. It allows the hosting of all types of files and formats, respecting the normative rules of the medical field.



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