Dematerialization of procedures

The digital transition, an inevitable change for the development of any business or service through digital.

The key point of any strategy for modernizing public action is the dematerialization of administrative procedures, which is a decisive and necessary step in the reform of the state and enterprises. For the dematerialized media of information, communication and administrative and contentious management facilitate public and private administration and service systems for a healthy and harmonious relationship between the Administration and the citizens.

Dematerialization of administrative processes and procedures

For the pacification of the relations between the administrative authorities and their citizens, between the public and private services and the users, the Cabinet CELESTECOM offers these services for the realization of the systems for the organizational reform of the public companies and the private companies for the simplification of their procedures and administrative approaches through new information technologies.

The compétances of the Cabinet CELESTECOM in the programming of Windows, web and mobile applications will have a major role in the organizational overhaul that must undergo administrations and other public and private services and will simplify their production functions, by streamlining their services .



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