Email Marketing and Newsletter

If you do not have an email marketing strategy or newsletter, you miss a sacred opportunity to make more money. Because Email Marketing is the most profitable Digital Marketing tactic.

Email marketing, or the practice of sending newsletters to your customers or contacts, is one of the oldest web marketing tactics and remains to this day, the most cost-effective initiative you can implement. for your company or organization.

With thousands of emails sent every day, email marketing is a practice that pays off for a business. However, with so many emails sent every day, it's important that your message stand out.

The benefits of email marketing are:

  1. Customers who subscribe to your newsletter give you permission to send them emails. It is an important testimony of trust and loyalty to your brand from your customers. It also means that if you send them information, they are likely to open the email and read it.
  2. It is quite easy to create a newsletter registration form on your website. Once implemented, the system will start collecting email addresses over time and increase your customer database. You will always have visitors to your site who will be interested in subscribing to your newsletter, especially if their friends tell them they are receiving interesting information.
  3. The use of an email marketing service is very affordable. Depending on the size of your subscriber list or the volume of emails you want to send per month.
  4. You'll see a direct impact on sales, either online or in-store, when you send coupons or promotional offers to your subscribers. This is where you will get the best return on investment.
  5. If you have a sizeable subscriber list, you can generate advertising revenue by finding interested advertisers who would like to sponsor or advertise in your newsletter for a certain period of time.
  6. You will drive more traffic to your site by sending newsletters with links to your website. It is very common to see traffic peaks on the sites after the newsletter is sent.



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