Website creation & hosting

The website is a real growth tool for your company. It plays a big role in increasing your visibility with your customers and suppliers.

Do you want to leave your mark on the Web?

Without this access to the internet, many businesses and individuals will not be able to fully participate in an increasingly mobile and digital economy.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM leads your project from conception to hosting. Website showcase, merchant, catalog, e-commerce or redesign, addition of features, etc.

A website is a communication tool, but it can be a powerful marketing and e-commerce tool.

Before the creation of the website, an arbitration takes place between website presentation and online store, according to your needs, your sector of activity and the importance you give your presence on the internet.

An achievement at the height of your project.

To make a good impression on the Net, nothing like the creation of a customized professional website (showcase or dynamic for e-commerce), completely personalized.

For an excellent quality / price ratio, enjoy a site creation tailored to your needs.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM offers the creation, and accommodation for one year. Do not forget that many Cameroonians use the Internet to do their research, if you have not yet made your choice, for the creation of your website, this is the MOMENT...

Website redesign

Your website needs a serious redesign, a custom makeover?
You want to (re) create a website?
Do you want to make it evolve graphically and / or technically?

Do not wait any longer to discover all the advantages that a personalized and tailor-made website can offer you.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM is at the forefront of internet technologies to offer sustainable and innovative solutions. We are able to respond to your specific requests and provide tailored solutions for your most complex internet projects.

Creation of e-commerce website

The Cabinet CELESTECOM propose a technical offer of creation of e-commerce website where you can expose and receive orders from all regions of Cameroon to see the whole world while being in Cameroon, this offer includes a blog open to the public, thus creating a close link between you and your contacts around the world.

By this innovative concept, the Cabinet CELESTECOM offers you an additional distribution circuit allowing you to reach a distant population likely to be loyal as well as a promotional channel that can lead to a public notoriety. The Cabinet CELESTECOM combines the modernity and power of the means offered by e-commerce. "

This e-commerce offer: for online sales website meets a specific need, designed to provide a CLEAR and COMPLETE solution.

Execution time: 10 days after receiving the content of the site (texts, photos, documents ...)

Quick and easy access to your website

The trend of Internet access at the moment is over 70% through multimedia phones and will explode even more in the coming years. Given the large number of platforms on the internet, we offer the creation of applications on behalf of your company to easily and quickly access your website online without the need to go through an internet browser such as: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others.

Downloadable on google play and on apple store



Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service used on our website that tracks, reports traffic and measures how users interact with our website content in order for us to improve it and provide better services.


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