The Cabinet CELESTECOM is a Cabinet consulting in communication, development and trading. As the business development department of the CAMEROUN TOURISME group, its goal is to support individuals, businesses, organizations, development actors, grassroots communities and their communities, towards sustainable participatory development.

A company always stands out by its signature which makes it specific and which is consubstantial with its identity.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM stands out fundamentally by its approach methodology. It is based on a multidisciplinary skills which revolves around the following points:
  • a participatory approach that involves all stakeholders;
  • consultation ;
  • Active and dynamic listening
  • the use of modern and traditional communication channels;
  • a participatory diagnosis of the environment before any decision making.

Our mission!

The Cabinet CELESTECOM's mission is to support businesses, organizations, grassroots communities and their communities by providing quality and local services in the areas of communication, marketing, rural development, planning, training, participation and the environment to foster understanding of development issues and opportunities.

This mission is founded on a philosophy based on three essential points:

  1. Strategies for development can only be effective and efficient if organizations, grassroots communities and their communities are motivated and organized for the design and development of policies and programs through a communication system;
  2. It is organizations, grassroots communities and their communities that determine development. Communication as the framework of development has the human being as a priority target;
  3. Communication through the sharing of experiences is a tool that can help organizations, grassroots communities and their communities to make decisions that affect their environment, agriculture, health, all of the determining factors in improvement of the living conditions of the environment.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM intervenes in the following fields:

  • Studies, consulting, training;
  • Communication & Marketing;
  • Creation & Web hosting;
  • Design & Execution;
  • Sales literature, Walgreens;
  • Signage, advertising, event;
  • Audio-visual production;
  • Annimation 2D, 3D and 4 d;
  • Programmetion of application web, mobile and windows;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects and development programs.

Innovation in the digital economy

The importance of digital technology for the development of our economy is more established, "the digital economy is an accelerator of growth, in addition to being a real niche of new jobs". The internet, mobile phones and other digital technologies are spreading quickly through the developing world, but the expected dividends digital, namely a stronger growth, creating more jobs as well as of better public services, are not yet up to the expectations. Because sub-Saharan Africa countries include the least ICT in their economic and social development despite the efforts made by our Government and businesses in mobile telephony and other for us to have internet access.

The Cabinet CELESTECOM to understand that the solution for the development of our economy through the digital is to design, develop, test and submit for performance and quality for the realization of the projects of our clients interested by the Digital.

Thus, our goals are to popularize the world of digital and offer the best technical solution to each sector of activity.



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