Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the commercialization of products or services that use digital technologies, primarily on the Internet, but also mobile phones, on-screen advertising and other digital media

You want to market products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also mobile phones, screen ads and other digital media, the CELESTECOM team, is ready to assist you in the design, realization and the implementation of your project.

Contact us to share your plans for the following digital marketing methods:

  1. content marketing;
  2. influence marketing;
  3. content automation;
  4. campaign marketing
  5. data-driven marketing;
  6. electronic marketing;
  7. social media ;
  8. direct email marketing;
  9. advertisment display ;
  10. eBooks
  11. optical discs;
  12. Games.
To support you, CELESTECOM uses information content more subtle, smarter and more sincere to communicate on your brand. With useful or fun informative content that can be presented as blog posts, podcasts, downloadable guides, videos, tutorials for:
  1. Brings value to customers and creates a link for the brand or company;
  2. Blogs and videos provide information that can help the customer move to the act of purchase later;
  3. Creates reciprocity between customers and the brand or company. Customers can buy by recognition;
  4. Increases visits to your site People who interact with your content by writing a comment on your blog or social network will want to know more about you;
  5. Create viral content that will redirect customers to your website
  6. To attract the attention of a specific public (age, sex, center of interests ...) by the use of the adequate media (video, articles, games ...)



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