Operational and strategic marketing

The Cabinet CELESTECOM designs, builds and implements the following types of marketing:

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing, which aims to develop a personalized, customer-friendly relationship in order to build loyalty throughout the life of each client. It builds a relationship by creating a dialogue between the brand and the consumer using different channels (mail, phone, Internet ...)

Promotional Marketing

An approach associating a set of techniques and means of communication, set up as part of the company's commercial action plan, in order to encourage targeted targets to create or change a buying or selling behavior. consumption, in the short, medium or long term.

Direct marketing

All the techniques that aim to establish a personalized and measurable contact between the company and its potential customers selected according to certain criteria.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the use of the mobile phone to reach the consumer and react in a targeted way, anytime, anywhere.


The management, cartographic representation and analysis of socio-demographic, behavioral, economic, statistical ... data of one or more populations (physical or moral) of a territory, in order to improve the strategic knowledge of this territory and optimize its commercial management, and / or its development.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz is a viral marketing technique, designed to create a rumor or background noise before the release of a product, movie or service. These campaigns can sometimes last several months before the event or the release of the product.

Street marketing

Street marketing is a marketing technique that consists of carrying out operations to promote a brand in public places that are regularly attended by one or more segments of the population.

Ethnic Marketing

It consists in segmenting the market by relying on the homogeneity of an ethnic consumer strain and offering them products adapted to their physical and cultural characteristics.

Online Marketing

All the means to promote an offer through Internet technologies. Online marketing helps to promote communication and transactions over the Internet. Its scope is twofold:
  • Website building and optimization
  • Generation of traffic

Sensory marketing

The valuation of one or more meanings that would allow companies to increase their sales while optimizing the attractiveness and interest of consumers for their product or service. It helps to reinforce the identity and the differentiation of a product or service, to improve it and to promote its image to the general public.



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